Vitalistic Chiropractic

The overall goal of vitalistic care is to determine how well your body is functioning and then expand your potential so you can be even healthier. It is not merely focused on your symptoms or lack thereof. Many people believe they are healthy if they are “feeling good.” True health comes from a body that is functioning as well as it possibly can. When you are functioning at 100%, you have the innate ability to adapt to anything that occurs in your environment and you can maintain optimal health. From the moment of conception to the very last breath, chiropractic plays a pivotal role in maintaining an abundant life.



What more important time to make sure your body is functioning to its potential than when you are growing and developing a new life? Your well-being is connected to your baby’s future wellness. A mom’s healthy nervous system in pregnancy will have a lifelong impact on the future health of her baby. In addition to ensuring they are giving the best to their future child, women often report having happier and more comfortable pregnancies while under chiropractic care.



Pregnant women under chiropractic care frequently report shorter, easier births with less medical intervention. Proper alignment allows proper movement of the sacrum which allows baby to descend and move through the birth canal more efficiently. The Webster adjustment on a pregnant mother balances her pelvic bones, muscles and ligaments. This adjustment allows for an optimal environment for a natural birth.


Infants & Children

In the newborn, even the smallest of misalignments and subluxations may have a tremendous impact on the developing nervous system. Difficulty breastfeeding may be related to your infant’s spinal stress from birth. Chiropractic adjustments for a newborn use no more pressure than you would use to check the ripeness of a tomato. Gentle adjustments, for example, offer tremendous relief when your child has too much fluid in their ears causing ear infections. Children with constipation may benefit from spinal adjustments to sites of vertebral subluxations. Adjustments also boost the immune system which helps the body to function optimally. More and more parents, especially those who are already chiropractic patients themselves, are seeking chiropractic care for their children.